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Triangle de Gonesse
Paris, France, 2007 - current
press release (apr 2008, PDF)
project description (dec 2009, PDF)
client: EPA Plaine de France
team: Güller Güller – DHV – EBP – Van Beek
chef de projet: Mathis Güller

In a time when most European metropolises find their planning options around their airports increasingly limited, Paris is considering the development of its largest strategic reserve of 1000ha – the Triangle de Gonesse – positioned in-between the airport of Charles de Gaulle and le Bourget. The development of this last major land reserve inside the metropolitan area is a unique opportunity to reposition Paris as a city of excellence.

Our team Güller Güller – DHV – EBP - Van Beek won the urban planning competition in 2008 and is now commissioned to elaborate a long-term development strategy for the Triangle de Gonesse in the heart of the airport corridor of Paris Charles de Gaulle, as well as an urban masterplan for 2 million m2 of real estate development. The project aims at creating a real “airport corridor” for Paris, a new “axe de compétitivité”, concentrated around a bundle of new public transportation infrastructure and benefitting from the attractiveness of the openness of the periurban agricultural landscape.

The masterplan for the development of the Triangle de Gonesse will distinguish itself as a milestone in ‘sustainable urbanism’.